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The process of becoming a mother- a term coined by anthropologist Dana Rafael. There are HUGE physiological changes in a woman's body as well as monumental shifts in her identity as an individual being and her roles within the community itself (partner, friend, career etc). This sacred passage has been honoured and celebrated in cultures throughout time; mothers revered and nourished and cared for as bringers of Life and Keepers of Mysteries. The post-partum period is literally the springboard for a child's future, which is literally the foundation of the world's future. At its core, it's really very simple. Space and support to truly rest and recover, appropriate and nourishing food, genuine care and tenderness... Bring on the post-partum revolution!! ✊🏻❣️

(First published on instagram 15/02/2020)

(beautiful image by @vincehemingson seen via @tantraislove )

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