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Our Inner Good Girl

Absolutely love this post from @amanda.x.rose so I'm sharing with her blessing so you can enjoy and let her words sink into your cells 🙏🏻💖 • • • • •

I have a feeling your inner good girl is running the show.

We hear about our inner mean girl, especially in regards to self-love. She’s the one who puts us down, judges us for the littlest of things, keeping us small and comparing ourselves to everybody else.

But our inner good girl - she’s a little more sly.

She’s the one who seeks everyone’s approval, the one who is afraid to speak up. She’s one who says yes - even when everything inside of you is begging you to say no. She’s the one who secretly slut-shames other women, the one who talks you out of wearing the low-cut red dress. She’s the one who tells you that in order to be marriage material, you have to be the kind of girl he can take home to his parents - perfectly put together, always sweet and classy (but God forbid, you admit that you desire amazing s-x). This inner good girl? She’s the one who’s undermining your life.

I’m not saying being a good person is a bad thing - but this idea of being “good” is what keeps us from feeling fully alive.

You are a good woman, even when you say no.

You are a good woman, even when you speak up.

You are a good woman, in all of your seasons, in every chapter of your life.

But your inner good girl - she’s stopping you from embodying everything you desire to become.

The type of woman who steps into her full power, and bravely lets go of the pain from her past.

The type of woman who chooses herself, even if it means disappointing someone else.

The type of woman who declares her desires, and doesn’t settle for anything less.

The journey to release this inner good girl will require you to shed all of the stories you’ve been told about what makes you worthy of happiness and love. It will require you to fully embrace the parts of you that you have hidden away, shamed and repressed.

But as you do - you will begin to feel more integrated, more grounded, and more whole… the kind of woman who knows that she has always been more than enough ♥️

(first published on instagram 13/02/2020)

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