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The Beauty of Life with You

Tonight while we were laying on the bed, just after singing Incy Wincy Spider together, Rumi wriggled her arm underneath my neck and threw her other arm over and pulled me in tight. My cheek was pressed to her cheek and we had a really solid cuddle. I think she even started falling asleep.

As I laid there in her arms (I can't even believe I have a child old enough to hold ME in HER arms) my whole world got so quiet and so slow. My mind completely emptied and I simply breathed in the miracle of Rumi and the IMMENSE privilege of doing life with her.

I felt a perfect moment of clarity and Knowing- that we are two Souls reuniting on this plane that have known and loved each other for a very long time and I was always destined to do this part of our journey together solo.

Yeah, it's by far the most challenging thing I've ever done and the intensity of my emotional journey every day often leaves me feeling a bit shell-shocked. But my little firecracker of a daughter is teaching me and cracking my heart open more than I ever could have dreamt possible and I wouldn't change a bloody thing.

(originally posted on instagram 15/03/2021)

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