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Postpartum Meal Delivery


A woman's body in the immediate postpartum period is in a unique and wildly tender space, with her digestive system having, until recently, shared space with a rapidly growing little human.

Within the relatively short duration of labour, our whole internal landscape is dramatically altered and our digestive system is greatly affected by this change. We simply do not have the same digestive capacity that we once did and the foods and drinks we consume as our body readjusts can go a long way in either helping or hindering this process.

The core, cross-cultural postpartum food principles are:
- Warm in temperature
- Warming in nature (herbs, spices and energetics)
- Easy-to-digest
- Nutrient dense


Postpartum food has been an especial area of interest and passion for me since the early days of my own pregnancy. I love food and I've always loved cooking, and so it's been a very natural thing to find myself cooking for new mothers and nourishing them in this way.

As with many things, there are many different perspectives and approaches to postpartum food and nourishment; from the vegetarian Ayurvedic to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)-based systems and everything in-between; from the regimented and strict to a more laissez faire approach.

I would describe my own method as being heavily inspired by the ancient wisdom of both Ayurveda and TCM, grounded in an understanding of the physiologic needs of newborn mothers and babies and always with the intention of providing something super delicious and filled with love.

I believe in the power and medicine of plants and animals and the proper way of preparing seeds and grains; I buy local, organic and spray-free wherever possible and meat is always free-range.


I service the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland and Greater/Southern Brisbane areas.
I cook for 1-2 mothers per week maximum, to ensure utmost quality and intention is maintained.
Ready on a Tuesday with orders needing to be placed by 5pm the Tuesday prior.
Free pick up and free delivery for Tamborine Mountain and immediate surrounds. Delivery fee for further distances available upon request.
Orders and full payment are due together, unless consecutive weeks are booked together then we can arrange a payment schedule if needed.
Gift vouchers available.

Investment: $550 per week

($450 for existing postpartum doula clients)
+ Tupperware deposit and possible delivery fee if outside my usual regions.

Click here to download my current menu

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