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Postpartum Education & Planning


I am a Certified Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Practitioner and offer this structure of care to my 1-on-1 clients as well as offering private and group postpartum education and planning sessions.

For as long as women have been having babies, there has been some form of postpartum care. These traditions are cross-cultural and exist as commonsense responses to the innate changes that occur within our physiology after birth.

Many of us no longer have mothers, grandmothers or aunties who carry this knowledge and are able to support us in the way that we truly need. This is where I come in.

Dedicating time to unlearning, re-learning and re-membering true postpartum care before you're in the postpartum is a vital step in ensuring maternal health, wellbeing and thriving.


Conducted online over two x 90min sessions.

The first session is dedicated to postpartum education, and particularly looking at what the postpartum actually is, what is "mother-centred" care and why + the first four pillars of postpartum care.

The second session looks at the final pillar of postpartum care (community) and then we move into the planning side of things. With asking the important questions, practical tips and advice, relevant resources and referrals and action steps.

Investment: $350
Full amount due upon booking. Gift vouchers available.


Click here to see any upcoming series and offerings.

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