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Postpartum Planning Day Retreat


Tamborine Mountain, QLD


Sunday 15th January 2023

9am - 5pm


$450 (for two people)



This is an opportunity for expecting parents to fully immerse themselves in the ancient wisdom of traditional postpartum care knowledge and practices in order to develop their own unique, comprehensive postpartum plan. Gain a deep understanding of the why behind postpartum care so everyone has clarity and is on the same page in preparation for the rite of passage that postpartum truly is (regardless of whether this is your first or fifth baby!)

It will be fully catered with a nourishing lunch, delicious morning and afternoon snacks and teas and hot drinks also available. The food and drinks will reflect the principles of postpartum nourishment that we will explore in depth during the course of the day.


Tranquil Rainforest Setting

Located on the edge of a beautiful rainforest and with space for a maximum of five couples, this will be an intimate group experience with the capacity for depth and breadth of conversation and exploration.

The peacefulness of the setting is an instant invitation to leave any external noise and stresses at the door. To allow yourself the time to be present with the immense changes that are to come, and ways you can prepare and resource yourselves to create an environment where everyone can thrive.


- Know what postpartum actually is (physiologically, emotionally, spiritually)
- Have an understanding of the pillars of truly adequate postpartum care
- Be aware of the nervous system and its specific needs in the postpartum
- Know what are postpartum-appropriate food and drinks (and walk away with printed resources and recipes)
- Be aware of what "postpartum depletion" is and ways we can prevent it
- Understand the role of community support and creative ways to call it in
- Have a perspective of the role of the Father/Partner in the postpartum healing journey
- Have ideas for ways to maintain intimacy and navigate relationship changes in the early postpartum

- Walk away with a comprehensive, completely unique postpartum plan that can act as an anchor and guiding resource for the times ahead

- Have an understanding of what support is already available to you and what areas need further resourcing before baby arrives

- Printed resources, recipes and information on nourishing postpartum self-care practices.


Our Menu

This day retreat is fully catered and much of the food and drink is reflective of the principles of proper postpartum care practices.

Morning tea-
Orange juice adrenal cocktails


Homemade dip + crackers (including pate)


Pork & pumpkin stew

Ginger fried rice

Salad + bread

Afternoon tea-

Blueberry collagen muffins

Spiced hot chocolate

Everything is gluten free (aside from one of the bread options) and dairy free (aside from ghee used in the ginger fried rice)

*Menu may change depending on last minute availability etc

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